In-Home Support Services (IHSS)

Patients who are on Medicaid and are part of the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waivers. This could be a patient or family member who is experiencing a disability, is elderly with functional limitations, or someone with a long-term illness or spinal cord injury. These patients need assistance with their daily activities that a doctor or physician do not already provide. We will work closely with your Medicaid Case Manager to see which waiver best fits your family. There are currently three waivers that can be utilized with IHSS, these include: CHCBS, EBD, and Spine. We have developed relationships with the service agents to provide assistance with the Medicaid Waivers.

What is IHSS?

IHSS is a client driven program. The client gets to choose their attendant (who takes care of them). The IHSS agency takes care of the rest, like hiring the attendant, managing payroll, and billing, all while offering 24/7 support to the patient. The agency has nursing and back up attendants available at all times, and conducts routine visits to the patient’s home to ensure that the plan of care is appropriate and the environment remains safe for the patient.
The attendant to the patient is the person who performs any type of care that the patient needs to maintain a normal day-to-day life. IHSS tasks fall into 3 different categories; Personal Care, Homemaker Services, and Health Maintenance Activities. Personal Care tasks include things like help with bathing, dressing, and mobility. Homemaker Services are regular in-home tasks such as laundry, basic cooking, and light housekeeping. Health Maintenance Activities are things that involve medication, medical devices and usage, and other tasks that would normally be performed by a CNA or Nurse. The attendant is always trained by the patient and agency nurse, and their competency in these skills is always verified by the agency nurse.

IHSS or CNA, which option is the best fit?

If you or your family member needs care within the home, outside of the typical medical care provided by a doctor or physician, you may be a candidate for CNA or IHSS services that are paid for by Medicaid. Depending on the patient’s case and needs, as well as your qualification for Health First Colorado Medicaid options, AIMIGO Home Health can help navigate and find the best fit. We also accept private pay if you do not qualify through Medicaid.